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EQ Companion is a program designed to monitor EverQuest log file. There are a lot of similar programs available but where EQ Companion differs from the rest is that it is designed to be running as you are playing EverQuest. It will constantly poll the log file and read new lines in and parse them in real time. This real-time monitoring obviously requires that you have 2 networked computers.

EQ Companion can also be used off-line to parse fights, keep track of loot, skill increases, etc. It is very easy to use has very strong melee fight analysing abilities.

I have also written two other utilities for EverQuest, EQTimer and EQLogFilter. EQTimer is a timer program for timing those MOBs and buffs and EQLogFilter is a small utility to help with 'The Tribunal Player and Guild History Project' and 'Adept's Rallos Zek Site'. Check them out!

Here are the major features of EQ Companion:

  • Keeps all the 7 chat channels (tell, say, guild chat, group chat, shout, OOC and auction) in their own screens
  • Keeps track of the new global chat channels in its own screen
  • Each chat channel has search capability
  • Keeps track of all the loot (money and items)
  • Keeps track of all the selling
  • If you subscribe to Allakhazam's premium service, each looted item can be easily looked up from his site
  • Keeps track of skill increases and saves each character's skill levels on a disk file
  • Discipline timer - Shows how soon melee fighters can use their discipline
  • Keeps track of all fights:
    1. Recognizes when fight starts and ends
    2. Keeps track of each fighter separately
    3. Keeps track of each attack type (slash, kick, backstab, etc.) separately
    4. Keeps track of critical hits and crippling blows
    5. Keeps track of weapon procs
    6. Keeps track of heals
    7. Keeps track of misses because target out of sight or out of reach
    8. Calculates the following statistics:
      1. Damage per second
      2. Total damage given
      3. Total damage taken
      4. Damage percentage for each attack type
      5. Hit / miss percentage
      6. Hits per second
      7. Min/Max/Average hit
      8. Percentage of single/double/triple/quad/quad+ attacks
      9. Weapon delay estimate
    9. You will be able to browse through all the recorded fights
    10. You will be able to generate the fight details as an HTML file
    11. The HTML code can automatically be stored to the clipboard for pasting on a message board thread for example
  • Allows you to select separate fights from the fights list and combine them into single fight to get more accurate statistics
  • Keeps a database of zones and map files for the zones. When you use the /LOC command and you have assigned a map for the current zone, it will show your current position on the map as a marker
    (NOTE! EQ Companion does not come with any maps. You will be easily able to use any maps you might have downloaded on your hard-drive, though. Setting the coordinate system for the map is an easy 4-step process and once it is set, EQ Companion will be able to pinpoint your location on the map).
  • If you keep using the /LOC command, it will calculate your running speed and will show your running direction
  • Speech support while monitoring active log files:
    1. Warning when invisibility, levitate, or enduring breath is about to drop and when they finally drop
    2. Alert when you receive skill increases
    3. Alert when melee discipline is available
    4. Alert when search words are encountered in the chat channels
Under Construction This page is under construction, last updated Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Any comments, complaints, suggestions, feedback, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to make this program as easy to use and useful as possible. You can reach me at EQ Companion web board