EQ Companion / Links

Other programs by me:
EQ Timer Full featured timer application for timing buffs, mob spawns, etc.
EQ LogFilter Filter program for The Tribunal Player and Guild History Project and Adept's Rallos Zek Site
Log file parsers / monitoring programs:
EQ Watcher Real-time log file parsing program. Very powerful scripting support. Excellent support from author and strong and steadily growing user base. Runs in the background along with EverQuest.
EQ Monk Log parser specifically tailored for monk's needs.
EQLog Pasketti's excellent log parser
YALP Very nice looking and full-featured log parser. Blindingly fast (about 10x faster than EQ Companion!)
EQ Raider JAVA based real-time EQ log parser. Has group-building feature for raid leaders.
Other EQ Utilities:
TweakEQ Formely known as EQ Colors. Beautiful utility for tweaking EQ settings.
EQ Caster Gives all the details about all EverQuest spells.
TimeSeeker A really nice timer application