EQ Companion / Future versions

This list is subject to change. It is only my current plan for enhancements and it is very possible that if someone comes up with better things to do, I will change the list. I am fairly certain I will implement all of these things eventually, though. I might also be persuaded to change the order these things are made if enough people ask for it. With that in mind, here is the current plan:

EQ Companion 0.8:  
  • Triggers list
    1. Add your own phrases and assign actions to them:
      • Count-down timer: Great for timing buffs for example
      • Stopwatch: Time mob spawn cycles, how long root lasts, etc. Will keep statistics on minimum / average / maximum durations
      • Generic alerts: Use this to alert you if your spell casting was interrupted, fizzles, etc. or if mob was slowed, snared, dotted, etc.
      • Success / fail tracking: Track how often your disarm works for example. Will keep statistics on number of successes / failures and calculates success percentage. Note that this cannot be used to track trade skills because the log file does not provide enough information to support this
      • Add to damage: Track damage made by spells for example
      • Add to pet's damage: Track damage made by your pet's procs and spells
      • Special attack: Use this to track how much melee disciplines for example alter your fighting abilities or how big effect crippling a mob has.
    2. You can either assign a spoken phrase or a wave file to be played as alerts for timers running out, etc.
  • Timers:
    1. Use the triggers list to automatically start timers or add your own timers manually
    2. Timers will have their own tab with a spreadsheet view but will also have a time-scale window at the bottom of the screen where you will see them count down in real time to get a quick glance on what is about to run out next
  • Enhanced exporting of fight tables:
    1. Ability to export your fight tables in EZCodes, BBCodes, raw ASCII or CSV formats
EQ Companion 0.9:  
  • Fights-database
    1. You will be able to select fights from the fight-list and save them
    2. Saved fights categorized by zone / mob name / max hit
  • Support for the /note command
    1. Add notes to fights. These notes are stored per fight. I.E. if you add note "Primary: Wurmslayer, Secondary: Centi Shortsword', this comment will be stored separately for each fight from that point on. If you then after 10 fights issue another note line "Primary: Centi Shortsword, Secondary: Ykesha", this comment will be used form then on
    2. Show map / hide map
    3. Clear map
    4. Switch to alternate map
    5. Switch to chat channel #n
    6. Switch to next / previous chat channel
    7. Pause / resume processing of log file (If you run EQC on the same computer as EQ using EQW and you start a fight and EQC would slow framerate, for example)
EQ Companion 1.0:  
  • DoT tracking
    1. EQ Companion will be able to track damage done by DoT's
    2. This will never be 100% accurate because all the information is simply not available in the log file
    3. If MOB is killed before DoT wears out, only partial damage will be counted for
    4. Only DoT's by you will be tracked
  • Enhance mapping
    1. Points-of-interest support: In city zones, for example you will be able to draw a box around a building and then list what items the merchants sell in the house.
    2. Waypoints: Set a way point to zone line for example and the program will tell if you need to turn right/left and how long you still have left providing you maintain your current running speed.
    3. Hot links to adjacent zones: You will be able to set an area on the map that will switch the map to adjacent zone's map once you click on it. That way you can easily browse maps around the zone you are in
  • Chat window enhancements
    1. Unseen messages with different color
    2. Filters to show messages from certain people only
    3. Exporting chat into a file
  • Combination chat channel
    1. You can combine several chat channels into one combined window
    2. Useful for raids when you are getting important messages from guild, group, shout, etc. channels
    3. All messages are color-coded to differentiate shouts from group chat, for example
  • Factions tracking
    1. Track faction hits by faction name, mob name, zone, etc.
    2. Factions are saved to disk per character so you will be able to see how each of your characters have gained / lost factions